lyme lifescapes with caroline

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Brett Harris, of TheRebelution.com, wrote the best ever awareness article about the prevention, what to do, and follow up resources for Lyme Disease. His wife Ana was a ballerina when Lyme Disease struck her down. Please read this article and share it.

“This article is our attempt to spread the word about a devastating disease that has changed our lives. Please help us by sharing this post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and emailing the link to family and friends. Lyme Disease is a serious and growing threat. We can’t afford to remain unaware.” – Brett Harris


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lyme lifescapes with caroline

The monster of Lyme Disease sometimes seems undefeatable. Tonight, in a conference room in Arlington VA, we were reminded that the fight is bigger than “I.” Imagine a room full of sick, pissed off, tired, smart people and the people who love them. There are all kinds of groups like this one around the world. We have to get together, all work together on one common goal. CURE. If we do that we can become collectively larger than Lyme Disease.
We are on the verge of creating a tsunami that the world can’t ignore. We are shaking up the institutions that try to suppress us. We have the talent. We have the drive. We have the science. We are legions of Lyme Warriors.
Recognition, Research, Revise.
We are descending on the IDSA tomorrow and Friday to represent the armies of people that are too sick to be here. At the…

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